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Frequently Asked Questions

Equine-assisted psychotherapy with Robin Risso, LMFT, Greater Merrimack Valley, MA



  • Our sessions take place outside with horses in all types of weather.

  • Rain and snow do not usually interrupt scheduled appointments but checking in on the day of an appointment to confirm is common, especially when the forecast predicts heavy rain, high winds, or below-freezing temperatures as the health and well-being of both humans and horses come first

  • When it is under 25 degrees it is necessary to reschedule as horses and humans have difficulty paying attention when it is that cold.   

Clothing and Footwear


You will almost always leave with animal hair/fur on your clothing and smelling like a horse (the smell really grows on you!). As a result, please wear clothing that is comfortable, easy to launder, and appropriate for the weather conditions and I always recommend layers and/or bringing a shell, coat, hat, etc. to ensure that you are able to stay present and engaged throughout your session. Consider gloves even in the warmer months if you don't want your hands to get dirty. 


Proper footwear is essential! Closed-toe shoes only. No sandals or flip-flops are allowed at any time.  

Nature-based behavioral health services with Robin Risso, LMFT, Greater Merrimack Valley, MA
Equine-assisted psychotherapy with Robin Risso, LMFT, Greater Merrimack Valley, MA

What to Expect

Each session is unique and designed with your needs and preferences in mind while ensuring the welfare of both you and the animals.  I or an equine specialist will be supervising all activities and interactions to support honest and regulated interactions. 


You will be near and often touching, sometimes even moving the horses during the session. You may be sitting in a chair or on the ground, standing, or moving around. You may be engaged in a hands-on, experiential activity with the horses or observing the herd as you work for greater insight, health, and healing.


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