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About Me 

Robin Risso, LMFT, CEIP-MH, AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Equine-assisted psychotherapy with Robin Risso, LMFT, Massachusetts

I have been a practicing relational counselor, a couples therapist, a marriage counselor, a family therapist, etc. for over 20 years. I have been a program director, a senior administrator, a supervisor, a consultant, and a faculty member. So many labels! What do they all mean? 


It means that I have experience working with complex family systems, couples, and individuals who have experienced traumatizing events in their lives, I also offer skill training, boundary management coaching, parenting support, and how psycho-education to navigate many challenges and opportunities. I have worked with complex larger systems and helped individuals, couples, parents, and caregivers navigate the often overwhelming systems they have to interact with when they or someone they love are struggling with mental health challenges. 

I have been offering psychotherapy with equine interaction or equine therapy since 2014. When given the opportunity to incorporate horses in to my work, I jumped at the chance! These wonderful creatures are so wise and offer so much. Often, my job is to create space for the horses (and the rest of the herd) to provide feedback that often leads to comfort, insight, and even laughter. 


In addition to my equine therapy practice out of Moonlight Ranch, I also work in a collaborative group practice in Chelmsford, MA called North Star Guidance Center, Inc. where I offer outpatient sessions (currently via telehealth) and  Neurofeedback – North Star Guidance Center, Inc. Finally, because I am committed to making sure that there are qualified, skilled, and ethical providers in our communities, I offer supervision and teach graduate courses to help continue to develop future providers of behavioral health services. 


Credentials –  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, AAMFT Clinical Fellow, AAMFT Approved Supervisor,  and EMDRIA Member 


Contact Me

If you are interested in finding out more about clinical supervision, please contact me to schedule a consultation call.

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