Robin Risso, LMFT

Horses, Humans, and Healing: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy 

The Horses

Meet Our Four Legged Therapists or... the Horses!

Horses are particularly great therapeutic partners because they are prey animals, they are tuned in to their environment at all times because they have to be. Our horses love being a part of sessions and they provide support, challenges, and entertainment. They can be goofy, compassionate, stubborn but always horses and often mirror what we are feeling during sessions. They also often provide metaphors for you are experiencing and have experienced in the past.  These two horses are attuned to what is going on and have become experienced, wise four legged therapists.  You don't need to be horse familiar to engage in this work and you won't be mounting or riding them, sometimes its just about being in the space with them while we talk and sometimes you may be doing a hands on activity with them. #horsesaretherapy